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In this mealy mouthed bullshit article in the Trib, Johnson says that Robertson left by mutual agreement, obviously Johnson had a burst of anger and then settled down, took it back and went back to mamby pamby trying to pedal it back shit, like we’re all stupid. Trib let him get by with that, sure…………..he also says that Aubrey’s campaigning is full time or some such other bullshit non comment, milk toast, whatever the hell. We’d like for Johnson to have shown some fire somewhere, obviously, Johnson agreed.

Barry Johnson, moments ago, fired Aubrey Robertson whom he just hired.

Robertson now has the distinction of being fired by TWO DISTRICT ATTORNEYS, Abel and now Barry Johnson, this alone makes Aubrey Robertson our pick for DA!

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We have no clue what the hell went on here. We don’t care either. We figure Barry gave out the power, left town, Aubrey did gawd knows what and when Barry got back, whamo, or perhaps Robbie had a smart mouth and told Johnson about a million things and he didn’t like it, either way, Robbie is obviously not everyone’s buddy, a problem Johnson surely had, and that’s a damned good start.

Aubrey Robertson, for DA, no more go along to get along, not related to anyone EVER at the Courthouse, doesn’t have relatives working there either.

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