Man charged in area real estate agent cyber-stalking case indicted for capital murder (

Recently, America’s Sheriff and the fat boys in charge have been putting out some cool posts on their Citizens for Justice page. They like to tell everyone that all the things that they have been accused of, by numbers and records, were made up and they have been cleared.

I have a problem with that. It’s a fascinating thing I’ve labelled the “Non Curious”.

Parnell has been accused of moving Mike McNamara’s body in 2015. I wonder why he doesn’t come on television with Cody and tell us that. Make a big fool of me, and put me and the rest of the town in their place. Isn’t Parnell curious about why we think he did it? He also hasn’t done a question and answer with the public either since then, hmmm, maybe this next election.

In paperwork from the SHERIFF’s DEPARTMENT and auditor, and records from the DA, there seems to be 91K MISSING from Parnell’s evidence locker. I am very curious about where it is. Parnell doesn’t seem curious about why I’m saying this, he could make me apologize and he doesn’t. See, he doesn’t keep up with such trivia as 91K. The commissioners and auditor, well, they know it’s gone and don’t care either. You can check all the records online, of course, Parnell can’t log on so perhaps Chris will do it for him, that seems to work.

Parnell has his girlfriend in jail right now and everyone knows she is and that she had 9 DWI’s she wiggle wiggled right out of, and just may do it again, Parnell doesn’t seem curious one bit why I and others think she is his girlfriend and that they moved Mike’s body.

In their FACEBOOK page, they seem to be very proud that no one did anything to them (yet) and how they get away with everything. They think we don’t notice that they don’t deny it or wonder why the auditor’s office and their own paperwork rats them out. Not to mention their incredibly HIGH standards of living not to mention the Brotherhood of the 80K trucks and other toys.

Parnell only comes out for the virgins when Scaramucci’s sweet little voice has captured yet another one from who knows where. You can’t ask him questions, and he seems to not appreciate the razzing he and some of his butt hurt deputies are taking.

Law enforcement has never looked worse, I am sure this entire fiasco is disappointing and deflating those deputies who are having to watch this and feed their families and retirements helplessly.

It also bothers me that ole Parnell doesn’t seem “curious” whether or not his buddy murdered Lillie Hefele. One would think that he’d be the first to clear Ash’s name after I keep throwing it out there. Notice Ash isn’t running to get a polygraph to prove me wrong. Nope but he does write me a few times and that’s no problem here if you’re friends of Par.

Until then, we can house people like “Man Tits” who made the mistake of calling realtors wanting to hump, got taken off kidney dialysis in another State and brought here, where he died. I wonder how much dirty talking cost the County? How much for the chocolate penis?

Aaaah, Man Tits, now there’s a photo to bring back.


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