Sunshine Conoley, imported by Par via Kilcrease to fk people. Par ain’t got the nads for it. Especially after twelve in the afternoon.

They call Conoley “Sunshine” behind his tiny man back for more than one reason.

A MANDATORY meeting was called at our jail for ALL employees between 4:30 and 5:00 Saturday.

Evans and Conoley wanted to “explain” to the troops the recent retirements, firings, and employee resignations. Seems the retirees were “substandard officers”, they parked their Sheriff’s cars where they “shouldn’t be”, where no county business was being conducted, and they were poor leaders.

Well, at least they weren’t covering up a death in custody.

This was intended to assure the troops, (right?), and to also make it clear they were getting rid of some and elevating others.

Harry and everyone else is quite sure all the employees went home feeling much, MUCH better about their jobs and life in general after this.

So, “thank you Ricky and Mike for your thirty something years of service” was just bullshit, but we knew that, everyone “made nice” for the cameras, mostly the retirees who were highly pissed off yet … silent. Wish they’d get pissed off and speak…………hello???

Welcome to the World of Parnell McNamara and his henchmen.

There’s no stopping them.

Tell your kids to behave, you can’t be sure that they’ll live through even the most minor of jail experiences anymore.



  1. Trust me, the good ones are waiting for the opportunity to jump ship , as for the ones being sent to the academy as soon as they graduate they also are bailing.

    Who in the hell wants to suck on “the embalmer” to get a patrol spot? Only a dumbass with no spine, and yes we have those as well.

    “Sunshine “ is nothing but a disaster, one suicide and hopefully discrimination charges under his belt.

    1. They can do whatever they want, no one can even question them, they answer to no one. Par’s mental decline is showing, sundowning, better have ONLY meetings or he’ll melt into his QANON old man self by three. Is Char still having to drive him around? Paranoid group aren’t they?

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