They think I am getting paid to put stories on my blog. Ohmygawd. I make about a penny a click on the advertisements on the top of the blog and last year probably made a couple of hundred, go look at WORDPRESS you useless investigators. I have no car, I live on Social Security, you absolute fool.

Because you’re all crooked and stealing from the public you think everyone is a crook.

You’re an idiot. Lose your only son, that’ll motivate you more than your horse, RV, trips to Galveston, liposuction, and bullshit.

F#uck you.

I’ll make you a deal, you show me yours, get an outside audit, and I will too.

You’re all crooks, you kill people now, you explain nothing to no one and YOU bring up baseless, stupid ass things because you know what YOU did.

Sue me, stop your bullshit, can’t wait to depose you. Can’t wait to depose your boss.

Can’t wait to ask for your financials. Can’t wait to ask about affairs on ATV’s, RV’s girls, gays, horses, car wrecks, secret FAST car shit, can’t wait to get Civil Subpoena power.

I work harder, read more, and whine a lot less than you fat, red faced morons.

Paid for my blog? You’re an idiot.

Send over useless Wilcox, Patillo, Jesus and Gawd to take a look………..why wait?

I’ll turn it over today. How about you?


Read New York Times v Nixon………….When the Public has a right and NEED to know they should know….in this case the public needs to know you stole 91K from the evidence locker, double dipped, the Estray thing is totally off the charts, you embalm people while on the SO clock, on and on………..lawsuits and counter lawsuits are fun and the Commissioners should know I have warned them and asked the for help against you, the County just might be on the hook also for ALL the deputies you’ve fked, the people, me, on and on.

Ask your lawyer what “Class Action” means, also the words, “Official Oppression”.

You just got your fat asses caught by a cat lady so now you want to sue her…………you’re stupid.

Some folks are calling me saying it’s Char and Littlewood doing this, wow, same thing, at least to me but how would these two get CLEAT to do something, there is also a security guard, buddy of Littlewood, so there could be that trilogy.

Try being honest, not lying, not doing stuff to get even, try talking to the deputies and others about being real law enforcement, about driving better, not killing pedestrians, and certainly the jail thing is a chilling event.

It’s all about ego and widdle biddy feewings. You want a security job? Get your certification.

Char? Well, poor Char, if it’s her I can ask her about Sherre. There’s a thought.

Whomever, they’re using CLEAT to do it, and Littlewood has a Kitty lawyer, but if they sue me, they’re going to have to sue a lot of other people about the cats etc. too.


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