It would appear that there are some people who know better and want me to know their stories and stories about what happened during different things that have happened in Wacko. The moving of the body of Mike McNamara is a hot, hot topic. Everyone knows THEY did it. Everyone knows. Parnell is angry as hell about it because it won’t go away. Well, because he did it, and, when he did it, is when the DARK SIDE of Cody began. This very day, Cody tried to tell a close family member of Mike the truth. A truth the family member, and family, didn’t want to hear. Well, YET. The male members of the entourage, both family and friends, knew the truth about Sherre. They recognized her and were highly angry she was there. The womenfolk, well, they’d been lied to and were told that “Sherre Johnston is a snitch and I talk to her about who all is doing drugs in town”, oh, yeah, that’s what I’d say too. See, Sherre showed up at the hospital after being told not to. Par had to call Abelino in, and he showed up in camo as it was the first day of dove season. They had to put Mike Mc near the Walmart because Mike had called Susan, his longtime girlfriend and told her he was “at the Walmart buying a dove hunting license”. That was a lie, he was at the American Inn with Mrs. Johnston, the pass around girl he and his brother had been sharing for years. Cody, had no idea what he was walking into and it freaked him out, of course, all the fun, trips, money, and stuffff, made up for all that down the road and Cody soon stopped writing people notes and asking them to call him.

They wish they had now…….


SHERRE JOHNSTON THE 911 CALL | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (immadtooharry.com)

SHERRE JOHNSTON EMAIL: ” I didn’t call 911 immediately”….. | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (immadtooharry.com)

Michael “Mike” Patrick McNamara Obituary – Visitation & Funeral Information (whbfamily.com)

“I remember the day they brought him (Mike McNamara) in, he was dead and I read the admitting report in the E.R. there with him. I remarked he had fallen out of his truck at the Longhorn Steakhouse. The deputy there with him (Cody Blossman) told me that wasn’t the way it happened at all, he told me that McNamara had died with a woman, E.R Personnel

“it was unbelievable to me as we all sat there in the waiting room to see Able, Parnell, and Sherre Johnston having a meeting behind a closed door with a window in it at the Emergency Room that day when Mike died.” Eyewitness

“We were all there and when Parnell walked in, he brushed by me and said nothing, which I thought was strange. He then ushered some blonde woman out of the room. I didn’t know who she was at that time.” Eyewitness

“…..when I opened Mike’s phone I saw Sherre Johnston naked. Then I realized she was the blonde woman who was in the hospital.” Eyewitness


  1. Can you imagine Blossman in his position today? It’s not a earned position, it’s a “be a good little boy” position. The whole county knows how “trustworthy” he really is. Pure evil.

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