35 DOWN AT THE JAIL, 34, 33……

John Phillips, and Jessica Taylor got demoted and resigned because our Loverboy Conoley decided to get rid of them, they didn’t fit the agenda. The extremely good looking Blanchard, got promoted, however, to Sgt. and who knows Conoley could be looking for his next employee girlfriend so they can all get sued later on that too.

Oh, well, live for today and keep on advertising for jailers.

Protect and Serve, only the HOTTTEST and most WILLING need apply.

Jail “suicide”, suicide or not, it’s a fk up and you know it.

Whatcha going to do when Par finally fritzes out like Faith Hill’s character in Stepford wives????

Guess you guys can play “Weekend at Bernie’s” with Parnell, after all, moving his dead brother wasn’t off the table.

By the way, did you know that Sherre actually DID call 911 from the motel first…………uh oh.

Seems a couple of Waco policemen were told to stand down and there are witnesses who actually saw Par and Cody move Mike.

Witnesses besides Sherre Orange is the New Black Johnston.

Kilcrease still thinks they’ll appoint him when people finally figure out Par has about as much snap left as Bruce Willis without the earbuds, ohmygawd, guess he doesn’t know who Cody’s daddy is.
Hmmm, same here.


2 thoughts on “35 DOWN AT THE JAIL, 34, 33……

  1. Would love to hear that call ! You got it yet? The no tell motel! They’d never take her to the Hilton!!

  2. It’s an embarrassment wearing that uniform, especially with these jail youngsters, yes the 18-21 year olds strutting into fast food joints in full uniform, no gun, just a radio, OC, and maybe a Taser, why? To get a flipping discount on the food.😂😂😂what a total joke.

    I’m sure “Sunshine” is screening the female youngsters to see if they pass the test.

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