This was my brother. He was covered in bruises and obvious broken ribs ! He was murdered

Here is a public comment sent to Harry Storm. Harry Storm doesn’t exist. Harry Storm, a non existent person who is better than Parnell McNamara and his henchmanpricks any day. A family lost a son they loved and the first thing our Sheriff for Life and his cronies do is lie, lie about Providence pronouncing him dead. He was dead when he hit Providence, they did that on purpose to get him out of there, saying he was “alive” to keep the real shit from hitting the fan.

Now, it’s in the hands of the Rangers. According to Parnell, Chris “the embalmer” Eubanks and the rest of them, they’re in the CLEAR ON everything from horse thievery, double dipping, losing 91K out of the evidence locker, on and on………….they are fkn angels. Also, according to Par and his people, they got Jake Burson up Par’s butt doing his dirty work so the Texas Rangers won’t do anything and that jail death, well, will the Rangers cover that up for Parnell???? How about hitting a 24 year old woman, lying about her “suicide”, and covering that up too. The Sheriff’s message is that the Rangers won’t go after him, nope. He has Jake and Jake’s wife works, yep, you guessed it, at the MOTHERSHIP…….MCSO.

They are doing a good job of getting the public on their side too, aren’t they? First thing they do is lie, then they get a lawyer.

Your McLennan County Sheriff’s department is a criminal enterprise, they’re 36 down in the jail, if it keeps up the Jail Standards Commission will shut them down for not having enough jailers.

Hard to find Nazi Assholes to work for Parnell, Kilcrease the Adderal drunk guy, Cody, the wild one that Parnell protects, poor Captain January, all those years of service him and Alice sucking Par and Char’s butts now looking at that sad RV in the driveway, aaaah, memories of Galveston before January was OUT and Chris was “in”.

Of course, without the extra money RV’s are going up for sale left and right.

THIS family who lost a son deserves answers. They won’t get any because Parnell and his pussy posse don’t care about anything but getting on TV with UNBOUND and human trafficking, via Antioch church that has rather an unsavory obsession with little girls, just like Par.

Who cares who’s dead on the highway or in OUR JAIL when there are Asian girls to be rescued.

Parnell McNamara and MCSO, bullshit, total bullshit.

No explanations for their behavior, no regard for them GETTING THEIR ASSES SUED, no explanations for TWO DEATHS OF YOUNG PEOPLE, nope, just Par crusin’ around looking cool with his Posse Squad. Seems to me like they have the wrong agenda.

Their first job is to take care of the jail. That means, don’t let people DIE IN THE DAMNED THING.

No answers, just rescuing little girls, Parnell and his posse. Fire the women at the jail and replace them with California menfolk that listen only to Par, Kilcrease, and the womanizer, Conoley.

Put out or get out at the jail also exists it would seem, obviously, some women see a small man for what he is, and have left.

“Never trust a man under five foot eight”


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