Taylor, the female deputy who complained about Conoley, well, she’s gone…….surprised????

Hey, let’s fk up Bernadette Feazell and her blog. SHE, the bitch, gets Public Information from US and then puts what WE DO online for anyone to see. She put up a picture of us at a cafe that’s on a major roadway, ohmygawd, she’s stalking us. Let’s show her the law, “stalking, what makes a “reasonable” person fear for their life”, okay. They’re scared I drove by and snapped a picture of their cars in front of a greasy spoon. They’re SCARED of a seventy five year old woman. They also think I am stalking them. Hard to do with NO CAR. So, instead of telling us what happened when the Deputy hit the pedestrian, or being sorry about the jail suicide, 35 people down, in the jail, correction 36 as of yesterday.

BTW I did not take the picture, many people drive that way to work, and I have a collection of Deputy cars in front of that restaurant. It’s an every day thing and everyone knows it. Get the hell real, OR CHARGE ME and quit whining.

They don’t want the public to know the truth.

They want to be left to do whatever they want to do no matter what.

Notice THEY do not defend themselves against the double dipping. No, they just say they’ve been cleared, which means, “I can get away with anything”, which is THE POINT and we all know it. They are the Brotherhood.

Notice they don’t defend the $91K in missing money from the evidence locker that was there when Larry Lynch left. They say they gave it to the Auditor, she says, she didn’t get it. The DA can’t find it either.

Notice that Char and Mandy McNamara still have horses that “just wandered up”, a deputy had a donkey delivered by Par for almost $500 that the County didn’t get reimbutsed for, just Par’s pony delivery service at YOUR expense, but hey, okay, it’s Par. They take people’s animals and do whatever without anyone caring or asking. If you ask they come after you. Like they do me.

Notice they killed a woman in an accident a couple of weeks ago. THEY decided she committed suicide at the age of 24 within an hour of the incident. Kilcrease lied, said the Deputy was on a call from Lorena, Lorena says, “no”, suicide? She was 24 with two little kids.

Notice how if it isn’t some pervert having sex with a 12 year old Asian virgin, they’re not interested.

Notice how no one cares.

Notice how everyone is screaming over their taxes, yet, forget the $500K they spent protecting themselves from those nasty bikers in 2017. THEMSELVES.

They are accountable to no one.

They come after old people that they cannot control and seem to be eliminating people from the jail and from life itself with no eplainations.

The poor jailer that complained about Conoley? Well, she’s gone from the jail now. Are you surprised? Replaced by another of Conoley’s C#nts from out of town.

Protect and Serve?

Protect eachother and serve no one.


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