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In September of 2015 Mike McNamara and Sherre Johnston were at the American Inn near Walmart. It was the first day of dove season and Mike called his twenty year companion he left his wife for, Susan Istre. He told Susan he was at Walmart “buying his hunting license” and would be home soon. He was in a room with Sherre, his and his brother’s longtime lover (over twenty years), Mike was an old man already, sixty nine years old, with prostate problems. They were using some type of penile erecting device on his penis when, he died, and or was dying. I think he was dead. Anyway……

At the same time ole Par was at a Republican Meeting and he got a phone call. The caller told him his brother Mike was dead or dying at the American Inn. The call was from Sherre Johnston who called Parnell instead of 911. We have her text messages as evidence to a friend who’s scared whitless of her like everyone else and they are included below.

Parnell goes to the Motel with Cody Blossman, his son and deputy and they move Mike McNamara’s body to a grassy knoll between Walmart and the Longhorn steakhouse. They drape him out and get SHERRE JOHNSTON who has come along in her vehicle pretending to be “just driving by” and the 911 call, which has since disappeared from records, appears below.

THIS plus Sherre’s love affair with Parnell keeps her from having charges on her. Face it.

She by virtue of knowing what she helped ole Par do is blackmail and he is trying to get her out because he doesn’t want everyone to know that………………….


Besides, he pretends to be Saint Parnell, better than the rest of us yet he created a human crime wave in Sherre Johnston.

NOW, she is controlling him from the jail and he is getting the charges to disappear and fired the deputy that arrested her to help her.

John is probably out of money, Truman is dead, APS has finished their investigation of her trying to do who knows what with Tommy Howard, another old guy, and that leaves just Parnell.

Even I can’t believe it.


SHERRE JOHNSTON THE 911 CALL | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (immadtooharry.com)

SHERRE JOHNSTON EMAIL: ” I didn’t call 911 immediately”….. | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (immadtooharry.com)

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  1. What a shit show, it all makes sense, Blossman will forever be the “puppet” to all LE. As for the “blue pill” special, it’s dangerous, I’m sure he won’t do it again……

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