If anyone needs to carry a gun, it’s a six time DWI suspect. Thanks Parnell xoxoxoxo

Gunned up girlfriend of our Sheriff has managed to get her Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon charge to just vaporize. Now that the deputy that arrested her has been fired it looks like anything can happen.

Yeah this is a woman that needs a gun. We all love drunk pill heads with guns. Par is working hard to get her out, unfortunately, the other men are either dead or tapped out of money. Well, Par will get her out one way or the other……….wait and see.

Compare today’s jail sheet to the one before, nope, unlawfully carrying a weapon, gone gone.


  1. Now we understand why the top leaders at the jail bailed when they did, Par is an embarrassment.

  2. So you can get into a police car handcuffed and take your hands out of those said handcuffs, throw the gun you are packing on the floor and the charges get dropped? WOW

    1. They moved Mike McNamara’s body and Parnell has to do something. John is broke and old, probably terrified of her and tired of this shit. NO money. Truman….dead. Mike Mc….dead. Her plans for Tommy Howard and some other old man in Robinson went by the wayside after Howard’s daughters nixed that. APS was also called in. So with no money she has to get out somehow….blackmail Parnell. THIS sucks, I can’t believe this shit.

      1. Is that Mr.B’s Tommy Howard? Who was married to Sherri Johnson?

      2. Yes. Confusing isn’t it? He was also married to Mary Pirelo HOWARD, Barry’s girlfriend whom Sherre JOHNSTON went after that Saturday before the election in front of deputies and Parnell. Now Sherre JOHNSTON is accusing APS of having a “conspiracy against her”, the bitch couldn’t get hired by Girling Home Health Care for f’s sake, AND she was fired from Meals on Wheels for lining up her next mark.

      3. Waco should change it’s name to Peyton Place. LOL I thought she was on a cash bond did that just go away too? I can’t see the DA dropping the gun charge either.

      4. I immediately wrote to Barry Johnson and NO they did not do this, the case has not been indicted yet so the Sheriff did it. Parnell did this.

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