He died with a smile on his face, I’ll bet

I’ve been so nice. Figured I wouldn’t write about Sherre until she got sentenced, close with a big finish. Best laid plans, Sherre decided to put up a memorial to Mike McNamara and, frankly, I don’t know how to feel.

She says he died like all men want to die. I’ve heard that one before and considering the real way he died, well, yes, men like to talk about dying in that manner. Most women, however, do NOT want to be “that woman” . Plus, the chats from Sherre to her friends about “I wish I’dve called 911 first”, might just evidence a woman who has something to tell. Something about that day that bothers her.

Maybe Sherre wants to tell us what happened that day, and since.

Otherwise why shake a sleeping Harry Storm and get TWO DWI’s? That’s two more btw. This year. WHY memorialize Mike McNamara boldly on your FACEBOOK page? Because you loved him and the actions of that day are haunting you. The problem is that they haunt just you. Par’s fine and Cody’s probably just scared.

Do you think that Parnell will keep you in the McLennan County jail if you have to go on at least one of the two new DWI’s? He may be pressured not to although he can.

We would all love to hear your side of Mike McNamara’s death. You have nothing to lose and obviously a lot on your mind.

The men around you just want you to shut the hell up I figure but you don’t listen to them, never have.

Write us a story about that day when Mike died, now THAT we’d want to hear about not the RESIDENT EVIL shit, I’m nobody and a pain in the butt no one wants to read about old people but that day, yes, write it.


    1. He lived with the same woman for twenty years. I have no idea why Sherre Johnston would want to post this on FACEBOOK. There’s no one here to “turn it in to” actually, however, everybody knows. I would like for her to post the details of that day The real ones. She subconsciously wants attention, she wants Parnell, the father figure, to love and forgive her over and over again for attention. Freud says there are no accidents, even being hit by a train. She has a nice husband who seemed to be a very good father. That said, she’s been arrested 9 times, has at least six DWI’s, and offered to write a DPS trooper “a check” on her video. When nothing is going on, I don’t “pick” on her, well, I try not to, but, then, out of the blue some bullshit happens, like TWO MORE DWI’s and here we are. I have friends who have 3 DWI’s. They don’t drive. Sherre has six, she drives wherever she wants to go. My friends wear ankle monitors, Sherre, nothing. The Mike McNamara statement is a “fk you” but I’m not sure to whom, or that I care. She has something on Parnell and just might as well, tell us already and quit pussyfutting around. I’d love to read the account of that day. Wow.

      1. She must have something huge on him. I know a girl who got 35 years for 3 DWI’s no property damage or deaths. Why doesn’t she have a blower on her car? Just goes to show men don’t care who their d*ck goes into. Smh

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