They say her picture pops up on their mugshot site, and to find out why it isn’t public I have to call downtown …. where Par and the good ole boys are keeping it from being public for the Sheriff’s girlfriend who just burglarized a habitation, had an unlawful gun again, and is the ONLY person whose mugshot is protected by Parnell.


This phoney bullshit artist is making sure his girlfriend’s picture isn’t on the MUGSHOTS site, why, because she’s probably calling him and others, perhaps threatening him with confessing to helping him and Cody move Mike’s body, one thing’s for sure, the downtown sheriff’s department has the answer to WHY Sherre’s picture’s not up there.

This is your Sheriff for Life protecting his shack job who is in his jail. Wanna bet she’s in the infirmary and not in gen pop? Par has to help her or she’ll tell us ALL how she called him that fateful day and not 911, Par and Cody with Sherre’s help moved Mike’s body.

Lord knows you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with Sherre Johnston, now would you?

This old fool is protecting his girlfriend again….and again….and again…………

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