Hey, deputies, while you are wondering whether or not you can take anymore of this shit or not, you might want to revisit a message from Your Sheriff For Life, Charlotte McNamara. THIS went to the troops from little Char.

THIS IS YOUR SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT, no wonder they’re all walking out.

What does she mean by “profiting” from Parnell? That means HE KNEW and SHE KNEW about the double dipping. They will all be going to jail very soon. TxDot and the United States Department of Transportation don’t care that Parnell is a legend among the old farts here, they won’t care about his “cousin” being Taylor Sheridan on YELLOWSTONE. They care about weeding out crooks.

The TEXAS RANGERS are investigating Parnell NOW.

So, what does our favorite Sheriff do? He takes the TWO most likely to go to jail deputies, Chris and Rebecca to the mountains.

Wonder if ass suck Steve January is jealous?

Better get a bigger RV …..


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