Too bad you did not know that Parnell and the real Sheriff, Char, had trouble in paradise BEFORE the election. Seems Parnell begged and pleaded for them to stay until it was over and/or the end of the month.

Nice job, Parnell. Nice job news people. Nice.

Parnell, through his mean vindictiveness, and letting Charlotte do whatever she wants to do while the others look on in desperate FEAR and loathing, had his top men quit.

Your Sheriff for Life can’t keep help.

One thought on “CAPTAIN Larry Hromadka SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT #4

  1. Hello Dumbass, over sixty thousand people read me a week. I have signed a contract for my own podcast WACO CONFIDENTIAL and don’t give a rats ass what the fuck you say. Sorry some deputies are going to jail, maybe you should talk to them about getting ready instead of me. If you don’t like it don’t read it.

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