Well, where on earth is ole Char? Now that she’s sixty five it seems even the liposuction doesn’t keep her HOT enough for Par. Hell, Par lets his girlfriend sit with him and ALL his deputies now at the Republican Womens Club. The Republican Women, all full of family values don’t seem to mind the Sheriff and his lover flaunting it at the Baylor Club in full view.

Don’t you ever wonder how these men just disrespect Sherre’s husband, the long suffering, “Like Joseph in Bethlehem” John Whitney Johnston. No one respects John, not even John.

Sherre has six DWI’s but that doesn’t keep the Republican women from kissing and hugging her in acceptance of the Affair, or, hell threesome, we don’t know.

Entitled little bitch went to do a walk through last week and the line was too long so … she left. They made her spend the night in jail, ohmygawd, like a minority or common criminal.

Sherre’s not a common criminal, she’s the Sheriff’s girlfriend. Sheriff thinks Josh Tetens is going to work a miracle for his shack job Sherre. Even I don’t think that.

Look out Tetens, your first favor will be to spare an entitled campaign worker/shack job for the Sheriff, how will you refuse him, or Char for that matter.

Will Charlotte McNamara also want Sherre Johnston to not go to PRISON?????

Look at what a modern bunch of people we have here.

Everyone loves Sherre, especially the Sheriff.

Charlotte, oh, Charlotte….Paw Paw Fatty is dead, Sherre tried to take his horse from the Estate Sale. In fact, she took Simons’ truck and his heir had to get it back from her. She made quite the scene just like at Mike Mc’s sale.

Wow, Sherre Johnston and her lover, Parnell, no problem and every woman at the Republican Club seems very accepting.

Charlotte, you being replaced by a younger model????????

You know she’s got some shiiiit on this man. Look at him sitting there with his head down. If you listen to the 911 tape of when his ONLY brother died, you can hear him (Sheriff) cough in the background while his girlfriend, also Mike’s makes the call.

Yes, he and his brother shared many things, and many women, Sherre slept with both of them for over twenty years. Truman Simons, hell, they hit their SILVER anniversary. She’ll tell you he was just a friend but if you look at Simons’ deposition, you’ll see where, they were in love and couldn’t keep their hands off eachother.

Simons just aged out like a lot of her boyfriends do, hell, he just died too.

She’s hard on these old men.

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