Uh, oh, Sherre didn’t get to photoshop herself in this one. Looking pissed off to me, little entitled thing. SO, she gets to do a walk through booking, just like Captain January’s sister in law, AND when she went to the jail to be booked in, well, the line was too long and she didn’t like the wait.

SO, this crazy bitch GOES HOME. HOME.

They call her lawyer, and tell him to get her back and then they decide to punish her, six time DWI ass, with a night in jail. BFD.

Anyway, here’s Miss Thang’s new mugshot.

Her conditions of bond, she has a SCRAM monitor just like any two time DWI person, except her ass is SIX.

Guess who her Bail Bond is with……………………..ASH BAIL BONDS.

What a clusterfk this place is.




  1. I’m truly embarrassed to be a Mclennen county resident and taxpayer, this whole thing is something Netflix writers dream up, having a difficult time realizing this shit is real life. God help us. P.S. Johnson must layer up the makeup daily, mugshots show the true person. Ugly.

    1. It all plays out in plain sight. Now with cell phones and booking photos you can see the proof for yourself. It’s quite fascinating. I love how Sherre retouches all the photos of herself with the unattractive fat chicks she picks to take the photos with, such a Narcissist. Such hypocrites all of them.

    2. So, I think she looks pissed off, what do you see? She thinks she’s too good to go to jail. It’s unreal that she thinks Parnell and Tetens are going to let her walk free. I wonder if that ankle monitor will slow her down? I can’t believe they let her STILL have a driver’s license. She has an occupational license I guess under Dead Paw Paw’s Private Detective license. I’d be in jail, you’d be in jail. They prove all the time that they are still together, and the Republican women … what’s up with that? I took up for Judy Simons, these people certainly don’t care about John Johnston who seems to be a good father and husband. Fuck these people.

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