I haven’t had a one person contact me after receiving a $15,000 “wanna make your legal problem go away”, call, since Barry Johnson was elected.

The High Sheriff For Life loved Abel, made a commercial endorsing him too back when.

Didn’t see Barry Johnson’s win in his future? Upset the get out of free for those who pay thing they had.

Pissed him off AND ended the food chain of money, trips, power, and fucking people he doesn’t like, or putting employees who know too much on jail duty.

This is your Sheriff For Life with Abel Reyna who rents a house from Johnny Ash who Sheriff dropped an investigation for when he found out that the possible murderer of Lillie Hefele was Johnny Ash, the Sheriff’s SECOND BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR.

See, Sheriff doesn’t really like Josh Tetens AND if you look at the commercials, “there, there old man”, and some embarrassment is written all over Tetens face as Paw Paw Fatty 2 tries to be a stud with his dark glasses

Remember the last time Sheriff was in love?

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