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The Texas Civil Rights Project is on it, please send any photos you have or call 866 OUR-VOTE This is very serious, you cannot have your Sheriff, gunned up and with his badge at polling places intimidating people. Please call this number.

866 OUR-VOTE You can also send photos or videos of the Sheriff and his deputies.


Par and Char have their own tent at the Church on Cobbs along with Par’s newest toy, a Classic Car, to intimidate voters into his “slate” of candidates. THIS is voter intimidation, to report this, please call this number 866 OUR-VOTE.

Parnell and his deputies are being investigated by the Texas Rangers, Dumbshit, Par thinks a new DA is going to help clear his men. Too bad the Feds are on it too. They double dipped with TxDot and they know it, they’re running scared and lying about it. If you hear that the Rangers told them not to worry, well, that’s a lie.

Parnell, bad manager, just going to get the others in deeper trouble.

Go home old man. Go home.

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