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After numerous calls from voters who just aren’t ready to go walk the cop gauntlet over at the Christian Church and Classic Car lot, the ACLU HIT TOWN. They had heard about the church on Bosque, where our Sheriff For Life has his deputy/embalmer buddy, Chris Eubanks, Deputy most likely in jail by the end of the year for double dipping, driving the SHERIFF’S OWN TRUCK around and around the block with the bigass TETON sign on the back of it, all day long, and checked it out.

Chris Eubanks, like a son to ole Par and Char, not at work, why should he be? That “W” on his timesheet could mean anything. Nope, Eubanks works FOR PARNELL, he is Par’s “boy” and if you don’t believe it, you, too can be the next dumb mfkr to work where the smell of urine starts your day at the jail, cross Par and become a jailer. Eubanks is too stupid to know what to do, looking to Parnell for some leadership, instead Chris is driving a sign around a church while Parnell bores the crap out of people with his “Classic” car.

So, ACLU gets called and the ACLU folks out of Austin go to Waco, yesterday where they’ve heard the amazing stories about cars, and Sheriff’s and guns, and people who don’t really want to walk past the McNamara Kiosk.

Parnell, off his meds and refusing to grow up, has his deputies working as lackeys for him and he’s touting that in front of his uptight Republican friends, who I guess think that’s cool.

ACLU guy asked, “Hey, we heard there are deputies and Sheriffs here with their badges and guns, you seen anything like that?”

Three people point to Guerrero and the others, ACLU guy totally freaks out.

Gawddamn city people think their rules mean something here………………….hope, just a Narcissistic Sheriff who can’t buy enough shit and has a bigass 2% loan on 800 plus grand at a locally owned bank.

Sheriff is having a breakdown, he’s freaked out believing his own rumors. Fact is Poor Eubanks got sloppy and so did the others. It’s FEDERAL so all this bullshit Par is saying like, “OH, Rangers told me not to worry about it and closed the case”, is bullshit.


The Rangers looking at Par and his criminal network are from BELL COUNTY. See, Par has a Ranger buddy HERE AND the Ranger buddy’s wife works FOR PAR so……..

Rangers are EIGHT WEEKS behind the Feds and the Feds didn’t get the Parnell is the cutest Sheriff in Texas memo, they don’t care.

Here is Chris Eubanks, working for Josh Tetons and Charlie Guerrero and the Sheriff’s truck with the bigass sign so they can drive around the block all day.

THIS is how your Sheriff manages his men, no wonder they’re all going to jail soon.

Please send photos of the Dulaney Memory Center to Parnell McNamara, actor, along with an application, Narcissistic Anger Breakdown.

The Sheriff is actually scared to death…………………and it’s showing.

Go ahead and double down old man, you’ll be off the hook with a “health issue” while Eubanks has to explain how he was told to do this by you and hope it works as an excuse.

You’ll be useless while Chris and the rest eat this problem together.

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