Your “Sheriff for Life’s” girlfriend “For Life”, has TWO pending DWI’s at the DA’s office. Still driving, no ankle monitor, no AA meetings, Miss Thang thinks that if she and Par can get Josh Tetens elected as DA she can get off her 5th. and 6th. DWI cause Joshie Baby here is going to just dismiss those pesky DWI’s. Drunk as a skunk at CEFCO where she hit her head, and the fabulous, “can I write you a check” to the Trooper in her video from the other DWI #6 in Robinson.

Vote for Josh Tetens and let Sherre walk free to drive drunk again, hey, Tetens, they think you’re that dumb.

Even I think you’d call a conflict on this hot mama potato.

Here is little Sherre with Josh Tetens.

Here is Sherre photobombing Judge Luna in case she has to go to his court, bet he’s happy.

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