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Feb 11, 2019 — A panel of district judges have appointed Frances Bartlett as the new McLennan County auditor. Staff photo — Jerry Larson.

If there’s one thing Frances Bartlett, CPA should have learned from her predecessor, it’s what to do when you find a county employee doing something naughty.

We lost a Tax Collector and a District Clerk thanks to the letter of the law Auditor before Frances Bartlett, CPA, once he was told about what was going on or found it himself, he knew what to do, a quick visit to the District Attorney, John Segrest at that time, and then as per the LAW, Segrest called in the famous Texas Ranger Public Integrity Division, which consists of THREE, Rangers. They do a forensic audit, they’re famous for this audit too, and then walk in. Ouchie.

Unfortunately, Frances Bartlett, CPA was given enough information and obvious evidence of double dipping almost five weeks ago. 

FIVE. Five weeks of reading page after page of marked, circled, color coded, and REAL, already done EVIDENCE.

The day after Frances received the information, some of it in person, the same information and evidence was given to our District Attorney.

Now, you may think that the District Attorney and Frances Bartlett, CPA got together and sent this to the Texas Rangers lickety split.

Poor Harry, he trusts no one, so instead of waiting on our McLennan County officials to call the world famous Rangers, Harry instead sent the EVIDENCE to each and every entity both State and Federal that had anything to do with the highway, and since I-35 gets Federal money for funding, and the State of Texas actually BEGS you on one website to turn in your fellow man for “waste, fraud & abuse”, so while waiting, that’s exactly what was done. 

It’s a form, fill it out, and Harry did, time after time, after time, including each and every page and site that the auditor and District Attorney have in their possession!

This means other entities have FIVE WEEKS on our Local officials which are running more than just a bit behind.

Is Harry disappointed? Damn right, BUT, the power and charm of our beloved Par, YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE and Char just keeps folks from doing the right thing it seems, but the State of Texas in her infinite wisdom, as well as the United States Department of Transportation, aren’t impressed and don’t really care that Par, YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE is the most loved for no reason bullshit artist and Sheriff in the State of Texas.

Below is a copy of what was sent to the Auditor yesterday, I like the woman, and I had faith she’d do the right thing, now, I hear things and just don’t know, perhaps you can ask her why and how she totally missed all this or does she really, really, think that a Deputy can work 21 hours a day for three days in a row?

Get the hell real. Do you want to be stopped or arrested by some deputy who just pulled 63 hours of work in a three-day period? Oh, hell no.

You won’t read this in the Trib, Tommy is too far up Par’s butt since Par testified in HIS defense during the trial where the ATF widows sued the Trib. Seems ole Par lost some of his notes and his testimony in defense of Tommy Boy endeared him to Tommy and now if it’s not a Par Puff Piece where he’s saving a virgin or handing out toys, it won’t get printed. It’s also too much work for the Trib as it hangs on and treads water and we all wait for Witherspoon to either retire or his liver have its way. If you’re ready to do your own snooping, our next posts will make your day.


Dear Frances,

     I have heard that you are having meetings with the Sheriff’s people about their possible TxDot vs Time card issue. I need to tell you, quite seriously, that you have one and only one option, as you know from your past boss with Joe Johnson and Buddy Skeen. You go to the DA then the Rangers get called in, even if the DA calls the AG, the Rangers get called in.

I am highly disappointed that you haven’t called them yet, but, I had a feeling almost five weeks ago so I made sure that I turned in the very hard evidence to other agencies.

     This situation is being investigated by several different agencies, both Federal and State. 

     This should have already been an active criminal investigation by the Rangers, it certainly is other places. As you know I35 is Federally funded.

     I also must tell you that the wonderful newspaper THE TEXAS TRIBUNE, is waist deep in TxDot vs Sheriff’s records, so you should know all the work that was done looking this up will not be in vain because of some good ole boy system.

    There are only THREE Ranger members in the Public Integrity Unit. Call them.

    Other agencies have 5 weeks on you. So does the most powerful paper in the State of Texas.

    If you don’t think I will have quite the blog story about this, please think again.

    I am quite hoping this is a shameful rumor and will wait before acting on it, however, one could take this many different ways.

    Please get together before the newspapers and the guys with the badges hit town….or not…….

    I didn’t start this to see it fail.

    Barry Johnson will be getting a call from an Investigator General of the United States’ Office about now, if you would also like that number, Frances, please let me know, I assure you they have taken this very, very seriously. 

    Me too.    Bernadette Feazell

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