The very top of the heap in the Sheriff’s department hierarchy is David Kilcrease. 

WHY a man who makes a big salary is taking advantage of TXDOT and private security instead of the lower folks who need the money more is not a mystery, it’s greed, it’s a big lifestyle of expensive house, expensive truck, sailing, and having one big time…………at the expense of the taxpayer.

Keep in mind, every time Kilcrease signs off for someone and someone signs off for him, it’s a felony.

Perhaps while Par is looking for the Elf on the Shelf he’ll find some management skills.

OR does ole Par know his deputies are…….felons.

Remember, after they all get arrested, and they will, every case they’ve made or have their fingers in will go to hell. You can’t be lying on Government documents and double dipping and appear on the stand as a Government witness.

SO, all you attorneys who have Kilcrease and the others on the witness list, you can dance now. They’re toast in the future. 

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