You realize ole Par hasn’t been at work for about a year, oh, he’ll turn up now and then but mostly he ain’t around and Kilcrease is running the show, can’t be easy when his boss is really Char. Guess during one of the ‘trips” Charlotte lost a considerable amount of body weight, jowls, eye bags, etc. Not that we care, but we do care that the rumor David Lacy was in the “Nikki Pittman” tape of the Rub and Tug, it all seems to make considerable sense.

Since Par only speaks TO people and doesn’t answer questions, we’ll never know……….since the rest of law enforcement just lets him do whatever he wants to do without limits, it’s all o-tay.

Okay, I’ve never met either of these two but, I have seen Charlotte McNamara. I have seen Charlotte’s body and face, this either ain’t Charlotte, or someone had some mighty fine and expensive plastic surgery. Get the hell real here.

So Par gets that big 800 plus “Loan” at 2% from David Lacy when he (Par) won the election and a big(ass) chunk of it has gone to an obvious redo and a planned one.

You ain’t kiddin’ me, removing a backside two Fairies could say “bibbity bobbity boo” to, doesn’t come from dieting. The sagging skin would be incredible too.

The next redo from what we hear is the ole McNamara house so Par doesn’t have to sleep on a cot underneath a disco ball in the Bosqueville Civic Center is the ole McNamara House, grounds are all cleared now and could we be getting ready for a redo via Chip and Joanna Gaines?

Oh, hell why not.

Could Parnell stand up to a Forensic Audit? Oh, hell no.

This is Charlotte McNamara after “losing weight”, right?

We say, full face lift, tummy tuck, rear end liposuction, brow lift, eye job, lipo from neck down.

Next redo the McNamara house.

Where the fuck are the Feds or the gawdamned Rangers?

See how happy they are? It’s because they have money they ain’t payin’ back and if they do it’s at 2% from David Lacy and your broke ass doesn’t.

Guess a man who had to have rotating lights under his Jeep wants his woman lookin’ good for that ride.

Did you also know that little Char owner financed Chris Eubank’s house. Uh oh.

Yeah, uh oh.

They think everyone is stupid.

We’re not.

INVESTIGATE THE SHERIFF, 39.02 of the Penal Code what the hell does it take???????

No, it’s not Loretta Lynn, it’s the new Char, steppin’ out

8 thoughts on “REDO DURING TRIP TO “Hielo”, OR DIET?

  1. Charlotte had the band surgery. She was very obese.
    You finally realized what most of us have always known. Charlotte is a very controlling, manipulative, insecure woman. Yes, she is definitely the sheriff. Always has been. She got herself redone to keep her man. She’s very insecure and jealous of other women.
    Why is Parnell a complete Pu$$ when it comes to her , not sure . He’s scared of her. Parnell has always wanted women with money because he’s never had any of his own. Charlotte bought herself her own wedding ring, and bought herself a husband.
    Where is her self dignity?
    The rumor is he asked Ms. Johnson for money. She finally gave it to him, we’re talking thousands of dollars. but she insisted that he pay her back. He did, and he was plenty mad about it. No women had ever done that. Obviously, Ms. Johnson wasn’t as impressed by him like he thought she should be.

      1. No shit It’s Sherre Johnston so I had no idea. The Johnson Johnston thing is truly a pain in the butt, I’ll grant you that.
        Thanks, makes a lot of sense now.

      2. See, we just keep thinking it’s sex, money? Who the hell knew. He certainly does what she wants like the baby puppy he is.

  2. I’ll bet her doc is not llocal. . You know keep your sskankles in Waco!

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