Hey, thanks for the Comment, I get calls from women all the time who “used to” have a thang with Par. Most are unhappy and ashamed that they were having a big time with him while his wife was dying. I get some drunk calls over that from time to time. EVERYONE knows that Par just can’t keep his hands off women, too bad none of them taught him how to log on the internet.

Charlotte lost me when she wanted me to talk to her and Par at the S.O about MY misinformation about Mike Mc When I asked her if she had heard the 911 call, she said she didn’t want to hear it.

What Char has on Par, we may never know.

Yes, Char is horribly jealous which makes me wonder who the hell she puts up with Parnell and his obvious still ongoing love affair with Sherre Johnston. Why else would Par take a Complaint from then 7 time drunk driver Sherre Johnston? Love, baby.

Whatever Sherre Johnston has, Par fell for, he has twenty years or more into that one, well, so has Truman and co hubby John.

Next redo? Char wants a big mansion and to be on the TV show with Chip and Jo.

Wonder how that is going to work out with them knowing BIG PAR is covering up for the Goat Killer?

Stay tuned, they’ll fk up even more.



Charlotte had the band surgery. She was very obese.
You finally realized what most of us have always known. Charlotte is a very controlling, manipulative, insecure woman. Yes, she is definitely the sheriff. Always has been. She got herself redone to keep her man. She’s very insecure and jealous of other women.
Why is Parnell a complete Pu$$ when it comes to her , not sure . He’s scared of her. Parnell has always wanted women with money because he’s never had any of his own. Charlotte bought herself her own wedding ring, and bought herself a husband.
Where is her self dignity?
The rumor is he asked Ms. Johnson for money. She finally gave it to him, we’re talking thousands of dollars. but she insisted that he pay her back. He did, and he was plenty mad about it. No women had ever done that. Obviously, Ms. Johnson wasn’t as impressed by him like he thought she should be.

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