Been getting comments from Sherre Johnston for days and days now, didn’t write about her for months, nothing to write about, then SHE got what might be TWO DWI’s, which is #7 and possibly #8, and the real story is HOW DOES ONE WOMAN GET OFF THAT MUCH SHIT GET REAL HERE. Sherre is the symbol of what’s wrong in Waco. It’s corruption and special treatment. Not to mention the pesky 911 tape SHERRE MADE when Mike Mc died and all that.

I have now endured probably forty of the most boring, long, tedious comments from Sherre Johnston, who’s going to do a book about me and my sexual escapades, sex with my own son, being a transvestite all these years while having a son, on and on. I figured at first she’d get it out of her system, I “get it”, I’m not a good person but, hey, I don’t drive drunk so whatever.

Now, I will NOT print anymore because she’s just not funny. None of these people are funny, they lack the ability to laugh at themselves and if you are out there and Sherre is your friend, you might want to check to see if she has the keys and take a look at the medicine cabinet. I was raised by drunks and don’t have any patience for this.

Question, does Sherre Johnston have an ankle monitor on…….now???

She’s writing me because no one else is paying attention, and because she knows she has powerful boyfriends.

I don’t care if she writes me, I care if she still has her keys. Get real here for crying out loud.

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