Do I want to eat your liver? NO, alcoholics and cirrhosis. Next she wants to know if I am a transvestite, well, guess she’s all Republican now thinks if you’re tall you’re a man. Interesting, since she knew my son. What’s next? Oh, my obsession with her, fr the last few months, I haven’t written a thing, there was nothing to write, then she got another DWI, number six or seven so here we go again. Anyway, she’s getting her own blog which will make me very happy, BUT, this post is kinda fun.

Nobody is afraid of you at all, because you are a sick, insecure, evil, extremely jealous individual. You love to type and call people constantly to gripe . You want to eat my liver🤣. I’m sure you do. You are completely OBSESSED with me.
You are not a county tax payer. You own NOTHING, except a big ugly mouth . So nobody cares what you think .
What my friends want to know is if you identity with a man or a woman? Are you a tranny? Inquiring minds want to know.

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