Meals on Wheels is not “Tinder”, it’s not a speed dating thing. It’s real and volunteers usually don’t flirt with the people they are helping, well, until now.

Recently, in an effort to “give back” to her community, Sherre Johnston decided MEALS ON WHEELS would be a good thing.

Started off well, however, an incident where Sherre went to the home of an aging man, chatted him up, gave him his meal, AND went inside his apartment, went awry. Seems the females related to said gentleman, got mad, real mad. Seems they didn’t want little Sherre in there with their relative. Nope, not one bit.

MEALS ON WHEELS volunteers have a few rules, one is that you do not, repeat DO NOT go inside the house or apartment of the people you are delivering to, nope. Do not do it. Sherre did, however, chatted him up, took a look at what pills he did and did not have and began to gossip about “poor Mr. Blank”, whose ex wives “took him to the cleaners”, and needed his family to assist him more. WOW, look at Sherre solve other people’s problems.

Needless to say, MEALS ON WHEELS was called and complaints were voiced to the MEALS ON WHEELS director. Directly afterwards, Sherre Johnston was asked to stop volunteering.

Seems no one with a brain wants Sherre left alone with their MALE family members, gee, can’t imagine why.

This story is true, we have sat on it as Sherre and her aging shenanigans has just gotten old and although I don’t mind being accused of “picking” on her, I just didn’t post it UTIL the recent indictment and several rants accusing friends of mine of being “prostitutes” by Sherre.

You gotta love it when you get yourself asked to leave MEALS ON WHEELS.

Sherre Johnston likes “older:” men, better hide your grandpa.

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