I am probably not a good person by Woodway Baptist standards, that said, I do not pretend to be a great, good, religious person, I find hypocrites to be totally disgusting. I do not drive drunk and have no criminal record. In the following comment, you might notice that “Trey” has nothing to say about Parnell or the special treatment Sherre has received time after time. There are other comments, you’ll have to look them up, she’s pretty proud of them but she calls other women whose husband’s SHE has had sex with while married, them and her, “prostitutes”, interesting.


19 hours ago
User InfoIn reply to:I think she has Jesus but doesn’t let Him drive. Some deep seeded shit going on there. That said, she’s lucky she hasn’t had a terrible wreck. Thanks for reading.

We ALL need Jesus. As usual, there are many errors in this trash blog writing. Written be a pathetic, insane , sick, old woman with dimentia from all of the decades of drug abuse. She thought he son how to use. She took him to prostitutes at twelve years of age.
Her own life is so miserable that she projects her pain and jealousy onto other women who she wishes she could be.
Where are all of the women that HATE Sherre. Sure, there a reprobably a few over jealousy of all kinds. However, Sherre is blessed with many supportive friends, both women, men and couples. The rest just don’t matter. These bitter woman who Sherre has never and me and doesn’t know, their opinions are insignificant.
This isn’t jr high. Nobody cares about ridiculous “popularity contests”🙄
You obviously have no clue about Sherre’s life , absolutely none. Her marriage, her spending her life supporting and helping those people who can’t physically or monetarily help themselves.
I have no doubt that sherre or anyone else would rather live in prison, where she can help others, than have to live a pathetic, sick humiliating life in a crappy small trailer . Your cell phone is your only entertainment. What a sad life you live.
Are you still not allowed to see Greg’s son? They have kept him away from you, so you won’t destroy the boy like you did his father .
Sherre created a beautiful family and has a beautiful new grandbaby.
you fail to mention all of the truth….maybe CNN will hire You.
Keep on writing BS that you know nothing about.
In your delirium, you seem to think normal people with lives of their own, carry about your ramblings. They do not. Only sad people like you , care because they have nothing else to do.
If Sherre goes to prison, she’s fine with her. She will have time to work on a book and other things . She’ll survive. Life will go on. And since you have been poking the bear for so long, the bear will finally have time to poke back. It won’t be pretty

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