Updates on Pennsylvania Voting for All - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

I like Mary and Roland Duty, I like Poppa Rollos, I like the pizza, ok.

This isn’t about them and yet it is. The Waco Democratic Party has about as much excitement as the Republican Victory Party at the HIlton tomorrow night. None. The Democratic party of McLennan County hasn’t worked to get people to run against the incumbents for YEARS. They haven’t identified and worked with fine young women and men of this county and encouraged them to RUN FOR OFFICE, or helped them.

So, we have the same old crap year after year, the only consolation we have right now is that this is the first time in fifty years we don’t have someone named Joe Johnson in there. Wow.

We’ll have new people at the Courthouse, “not from here”, which WAS the slogan for many, at least for sure, the totally corrupt Abel, who whined that Barry Johnson would not be a good DA because HE wasn’t “from here”. How stupid are you. Well, there are a lot of people here, many are brilliant many would make fine Judges and fine Sheriffs.

The problem is unfortunately the Democratic Party of McLennan County isn’t going after them and encouraging them to run. Seems our McLennan County Democratic party is just fine the way it is.

Or is it?

I don’t think so. I’ve called to help many times, no call back. I stuffed envelopes, stuck flyers in doors, worked polls for over thirty years here but now, can’t get a call back to volunteer. If I can’t many people can’t and it’s damned clear that we had NO Democratic candidates to chose from.

If you can’t encourage the young to run for office then you’re not doing your job, face it, sorry.

There will be upcoming County Conventions and elections, either fire up and encourage the young or move the hell over, get rid of your egos in favor of moving forward candidates so we, the people of this gawd forsaken town don’t have to put up with the corruption anymore.

Come on.


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