The Texas Supreme Court just threw out Qualified Immunity, no more being immune from prosecution etc for being a bad boy cop. Nope. Fked flat!!

Texas Supreme Court Justice Recovers From COVID-19 – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

click on the link below to actually READ the damned thing, I am not reading for you, get someone to read this to Parnell, make big notes.

Well, all that fun horsin’ around, practicing that strangle hold, shooting an occasional minority, just became less fun. There is no more qualified immunity for you boys because you were “on the job”. Ouch, that hurt. Did it ever, you’ll have to probably pay for your own lawyer now too. Hmmm.

Since they can’t get anyone to even be the Police Chief of this place, now having that get out of jail free card reversed by the Supremes is probably not a fun thing.

IF you have to hurt people and have gotten to like it just a little too much, or trigger happy, gun happy, whatever your idea of heavy petting is, the State of Texas isn’t your girl anymore.


Not your day, maybe you should have NOT just sat back and let the Trump truckers fk the Interstate yesterday either.

Grow up dumbasses or turn in the badge.


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