Well, another shooting, the Texas Rangers already arrested the Cop and here we go again. All the money spent on the cop toys, the helicopters, we have three, the assault vehicle, like we need it, the only mass shootings here are when our cops, or visiting cops kill people in our city, Davidians, bikers, expendable folks. NO ONE answers for anything and anytime, the only people the cops like is other cops, but not from outside their city, they hate the DA, the Sheriff, and other cops, same for the S.O on and on. They think because they have a “black officer” they’re not racists, or they have a “black friend”, in fact many of these good ole boys just should NOT BE COPS. They’re gun happy. Can someone please administer a psychological?


  1. Any cop who beats someone off duty that is wrong. But what if a black cop beats me off? Then is it the same? I’m French so I may not see what America sees in black man.

    1. Hello George, the reason you don’t see what America sees in the black man is because your country isn’t racist like ours. Refreshingly so. I was amazed and relieved when I was in Europe, France, and other places at the happiness of the people #1, happier than our folks in America, my opinion, and your views on gun control. I am not in love with guns but have one because I have even less love for the police. If a black officer attacked you in Texas, he’d be easy to identify because they are so few of them, especially in small towns like Waco. I think there’s maybe one or two Sheriff’s deputies? We do have something you don’t and that’s REDNECKS, those and folks who think white is just wonderful and like getting into groups and doing bad stuff to black people. Another reason it hits the press etc is because we just can’t seem to go a day without killing an innocent black man somewhere in this nation. We have terrible standards for cops, no psychological exams in most cases, and poor training. I say defund them for the most part, get rid of their stupid toys and pay the ones that actually are left that aren’t gun happy idiots a big raise. I’d have women and blacks in policing, lots of women and blacks. I don’t understand it all either and am American, I love the French chocolate, ooooh. I remember xoxo

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