I really tried not to write anything until after the election. I tried, I failed. Called into action this morning, amazed, mystified, disgusted, laughing, and feeling sorry for a woman and family of children who just woke up to find out daddy played with his little Toobin on a Zoom call.

Go ahead and think it’s fake, heaven help us with you Fox solo viewers, but it’s true. Seems Jeff Tube In, who we all know from tv, got confused, thought he was getting off without it on, or getting on without it off, I don’t know but he had a morning woodie exacerbated by talking to his co workers he wound up “pleasuring himself”. New Yorker magazine wasn’t amused and Jeffrey Toobin is at home in Time Out for the moment.


Talk about shit a woman didn’t see coming, Mrs. Toobin got a big or small surprise today. Guess it may have helped her make that whether to have Thanksgiving or not.

This is Jeffrey Toobin, we all know him, for years on tv. Well, Jeffrey it would seem forgot his pants this morning or his “Zoom This” fantasy didn’t work out right. You decide.

Jeffery Toobin appears on CNN on October 13.

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