This is the frightening Sheriff Scaman from Falls County, imagine this big, fat, entitled law dawg wanting to get it on with you, ohmygawd.


Falls County sheriff named in 2nd federal lawsuit | Crime | wacotrib.com

Yeah, the Texas Rangers finally arrested Ricky Scaman, Falls County Sheriff this past weekend, AFTER, he sexually assaulted a young woman, man handled her, threatened her, and then expected her to shrink off and not do a thing, after all, many have tried to do something BEFORE and nothing happened. Well, this time the good old boys system didn’t work out well. Maybe it’s because the formidable Jody Gillam is their DA, maybe it’s because ole Ricky and his crew went too far, we don’t know but it’s about damned time. Falls county has been vapid for years and years and no one does a thing about it. COCAINE? Look no further than the Falls County airport where planes fly in and out keeping Baylor and all of Central Texas supplied. Hello???? Marlin residents “around the lake” have their cameras out too bad there’s no one to turn them “in” to.

Take a look at this heinous video on YOUTUBE of what the residents of Marlin have endured. This is from 2015 and since then the Rangers “cleaned it up”, went after their Police Chief, remember he went back inside when they came to get him and killed himself. Others got prosecuted and new people became Chief, then not, Sheriff, on and on, they can’t seem to recognize sociopaths. One might suggest a psychological exam but, hey, that’s just me. If you look at just about any photo of Ricky Scamam their Sheriff, he’s scary as hell, so red faced he looks like he’s a heart attack on legs, and he has the “ojos de muertos”, eyes of a dead man.


TEXAS RANGERS, protect the people, stop protecting your brothers in law enforcement, stop it now. Stop thinking women who tell you things belong in the “Crazy” column just because they’re women. Rangers cleaned up Hill County, now they’ve FINALLY turned to Falls County, why not come on over to your home county and investigate a gun happy Sheriff who has more toys than salary.

Rangers are said to have the very best Forensics Accountants, well, what does it take?????

Just because Sheriff McNamara has a RANGER’S WIFE working for him is no reason to let the shady dealings continue.


Note to self, don’t move to Marlin

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    1. Deputy Shoemaker pees on people and that’s okay, Rangers have know about this forever, I have had people write and call about it for ages, they all sing the same song, I went to the Rangers they did nothing. I went to the FBI they did nothing.

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