How do you stop corruption? RECORD THEM.

I just looked at YOUTUBE, the number of videos from Marlin and Falls county is pretty incredible. THIS is what happens when citizens just have nowhere to turn. Yep, the Rangers etc. finally went after the Police Chief and others, Police Chief killed himself, new people, in, out, nothing but corruption and sexual assault, what is WRONG with people? WHY must the public have to beg for help? Pretty sad.

People in Falls county, have had years and years of nothing but dishonest officials, corruption, harassment and mistreatment.

The story is the same over and over again, the same tone, “I called the FBI and they did nothing.”

“I called the Rangers and they decided I’m nuts”, another one says.

Do you remember TIPS lines? You could turn in the meth house next door, remember? NOW they have decided they don’t want to hear from you. Nope, unless ANOTHER law enforcement agency contacts them, or a DA, they won’t do anything. No more citizens complaining taken seriously, nope, that went out a good while back. The good ole boys want women to know their place.

They took matters into their own hands and began taping their idiot hard peckered Sheriff and his deputies, and their police. What else could they do when the RANGERS just don’t believe anyone over their BROTHERS in law enforcement.

TAPE THEM, tape them all. Make them accountable. If they won’t do anything about it, put it on YOUTUBE and let it speak for itself.

IT’s pretty damned sad when the RANGERS won’t wake the hell up even after having their STATUE removed from Love Field. What’s it going to be, get better or just double down on corruption?

TAPE THEM. DO NOT TRUST THE COPS, TAPE THEM, they lie, tapes do not.

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