In August of 2017 I took a couple of threats, from Johnny Ash, and from Sherre Johnston, they were IN WRITING so I still have them, in fact, they may still be up on COMMENTS on this blog. I also received this tombstone on my messenger along with other things that year. While I was at the Sheriff’s department, on tape and in person, I told David Johnson about the murder of Lillie Hefele and asked him to see if he could get them to investigate the Cold Case.

David Johnson was wonderful to me. He was nice he was honest and he went to interview witnesses in the Lillie Hefele case because they told me he did.

Of course, NOTHING was done about the threats.

Why. Because I’m me and they’re them. However, I made them tape the entire thing.

What they had not counted on was that I had run into Barry Johnson at a party and as you would expect, I cornered him and gave him the facts about the Hefele case and asked him if he would look into it. See, I knew he was the next DA, these idiots against him had NO clue, they thought we were all stupid forever. We weren’t and it caused the “them” a great problem.

The problem was that Barry Johnson is honest. He also doesn’t think he is the right arm of the avenging god, and he has a sense of humor about himself and he’s just flat cool.

Naturally, I extracted a positive reply from him that he would indeed look at Hefele.

Well, he did and he has. While Parnell and January figure out how to have NOTHING happen, Barry Johnson made some inquiries a good while back. Just like these others should have done but did not.

I once asked if honesty was enough and I am here today to tell you that Barry Johnson has more than just honesty, although, I will tell you it is at a premium here, he doesn’t have to be BEGGED to do the right damned thing.

I asked him to look at the case himself and to decide, I knew that Lillie’s crime scene photos would tear at him and the case just screams to be solved.

When Netflix comes to town on the Hefele case when I will talk about the day Vic volunteered to actually PAY to have the DNA run, and at the same time, Barry Johnson saw a murder and knew it can be solved and should be, hell, should’ve been solved years ago.

Barry Johnson with this one move to do the right thing has raised the bar for each and every elected official in this county.

First the DNA is run, it’s at the DPS lab, they probably have multiple samples including the CIGAR that was put out on her, it was 1980 and someone had to drive her car there I figure and someone had to pick the other person up. Obviously, since the cigar had been put out ON her, they weren’t thinking about future DNA and left who knows what in a two hour or more drive. THEN, they actually subpoena Ancestry.com or one of those places to get the Familial DNA.

The Lillie Hefele case WILL be solved.

Wonder if local gamblers are taking bets on this one?



















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