You know I’m on a roll and THIS is gonna be good

Bill Johnson, “The degenerate offspring of an illustrious sire”………H

The man is a full creeper


Remember the stories about Parnell pawning the Dunn guns over at the Easy Pawn? Okay, now, one would think he’d give the public an explanation for that one, instead he did something a little sneaky I couldn’t talk about until now. NOW that Vic has gone public with the HEFELE DNA being run by the DPS Lab I am just going to “out” Vic as having contact with the TRAVIS COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT.

“Would you pleeeease stop getting in trouble.” Vic said to me in March.

“Sounds like me talking to you in the 80’s.” I replied.”

When I wrote the stories on Parnell and the Dunn guns, I included the Pawn Ticket which Parnell said had his address on it and was illegal, in fact, while I lived in HUTTO, Captain January called me and asked me to come to Waco and sit down to have a talk with them. Of course, it’s because they want me to up my source and I won’t. They also think I can’t do jail which they threatened me with tacitly, he had me on speaker phone, you know Par hates confrontation so he got his vacation to Galveston buddy January to do it for him.

Recently, I got TWO notifications from my WORDPRESS account, they were in backwards order so when I received the second one first saying that they had decided on a complaint against me and decided in my favor, I didn’t pay much attention, however the second notification came and told me that they had been ordered to SAVE everything I wrote and that the subpoena came from the Travis County Sheriff’s department and it gave me the name of the officer.

They even included the paperwork, which they weren’t supposed to but they did.

There it was. Parnell had turned me in for putting his address on the internet and, since it was a federal and state law both, he had gotten Bill Johnston to assist him in figuring out how to craft this with the Sheriff’s department in Travis County, cause I lived in HUTTO.

They had to go through a lot of trouble to do this sh*t. Parnell all butt hurt, trying to stop someone from reporting on the absolutely crazy shenanigans HE had crafted including that incredible Sherre Johnson 911 call which I am sure he masterminded which should exclude ANYONE from public office for crying out loud.

Anyway, I called my lawyer Vic Feazell and he took care of the matter.

You see, Bill Johnston, who’s reputation for brilliance lasted only as long as Walter Smith’s influence and his last marriage, thank goodness because he was truly the worst lawyer I have ever seen. Just the worst body language and a total chucklehead so the fact that Parnell went out of his way to conspire with this idiot and have me find out about it gave me a reason to live.

See, they were both so brilliant they filed it in Travis County, too stupid and lazy to look at the County map, half of my street was Travis and the other half was WIlliamson so your Sheriff and ex US Attorney Johnston didn’t figure that one out.

Imagine the glee Vic Feazell had calling the Travis County Sheriff’s department and informing them that they had a complaint in the wrong county. You know he loved it.

So, you can get tombstones, written notes about “hurting someone you love” from Johnny Ash, notes from the Sheriff’s girlfriend Sherre Johnson, on and on, have DNA just sitting on the table while YOU let the Lillie Hefele case die.


Your Sheriff in his new RV has been “quarantined” for four months.

DPS lab is still working, while Parnell and the Januarys party in Galveston.

He’ll try to file on me for exposing him on the Dunn guns to extract revenge and make me be silent but he won’t do anything else for me, for many people. You buck him and it makes you “crazy”, well, I’d rather be crazy than face the future he has.

Yes, he’s Sheriff but there’s a ticking clock HE can’t stop.

He comes after me a 72 year old woman without a car who challenges him. What kind of Sheriff do we have?

We all know.
























  1. I love all of your articles and marvel at your outspokenness. You definitely have some very good points and pose questions that should have long since been answered. My only problem with this article is that you end it with being 72 and without a car. Hell, age ain’t nothing but a number and I’m sure I could run you places to keep on keepin’ on if need be.

    1. Damn right it ain’t nothin’ but a number. I like to throw my age at them because I’m more of a man than they’ll ever be and more of a woman than they’ll ever have. They’ve on gone on way too long, everyone knows what they are, they may win but I, at the very least take the fun out of it. bwaaah, thanks for the offer, p.m. or friend me.

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