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Bradley Ford, Waco City Manager

Waco City Council names next City Manager


Waco is getting a new Police Chief, someone who’s NOT FROM HERE, heaven help us, what will we do, someone who didn’t “come up through the ranks” or is someone else’s brother, cousin, in law, or some kind of relative.

FINALLY, maybe a City Manager can get the butt hurt pd to get along with someone else touted as “not from here”, Barry Johnson. Hear them just scream. Suddenly the “microcasm” of justice, known as the pd might just have to grow the hell up and do what every other city in the United States does. REAL POLICING, getting the DA’s office to help draft warrants and subpoenas (duhhh), they consider this an insult and just will not do it, never have, thought they never would and badmouth Barry Johnson because he has the audacity to make them move into this century. See, they don’t like it, they take it as a personal insult to have a LAWYER help them draft a subpoena or warrant, in other places lawyers from the DA’s office and the cops get along. If you don’t believe me, watch the 21st. year of LAW AND ORDER on the tv. Olivia Benson in New York works WITH THE DA’s office.

I wrote the City Manager this morning and it’s finally a chance for all of us who might not have been born here, to voice our concerns about the police department and what we want in a police chief.

Here are a few things I wrote, I hope you follow the link below and write the City Manager, “he ain’t from here” , also.

#1. Police complaint committee, and at least one or two civilians on the Internal Affairs Division. They police themselves, ridiculous.

#2. A gymnasium or some kind of zumba, they’re fat, morbidly obese, it’s embarrassing.

#3. No nepotism. No more close relatives together.

#4. Anger Management.

#5. Police work with DA’s office on warrants etc. without grumbling. Reporting to someone just has them totally miffed.

#6. Implementation of THE TEXAS TRANSPARENCY ACT, this stops corruption, everyone else has us except us because we seem to love keeping secrets and tooling people who write Public Information Requests around forever.

Yippee, a police chief from somewhere else. Maybe some cave in Montana where he’s never heard of Wacko.

Look out PD change is coming your way finally, time to grow the hell up.


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