Vic Feazell, you gotta love a guy that won a trial where Judge Walter Groping Smith was the only witness, a Character Witness against him.

260K a year in retirement after groping a woman, getting away with it for years, trying to and getting other lawyers to help him. Judge Walter Smith, embarrassment to the Bar, his family, and himself. 

Waco Federal Judge Walter Smith Retires Amid Sexual Harassment ...


I hated him for twenty five years, he pretty much hated me too, although he’s all New Testament Vic now, kinder, gentler, and the bravado he had before that fueled some of his own bad decisions is gone.

When our Greg died, I told him, “You know I decided a long time ago that when and if Greg died, I’d probably go find you and kill you.”  I meant it. “The problem is that my friend Margaret wouldn’t drive me to your place.”

He looked at me and within ten seconds all the hate I felt and threw at him through frustration at a horrid situation with a son so addicted nothing could save him, and he said, “Please, thank her for me.”

I fell on the floor and I was back and so was he.

He has a podcast, I have a blog.

Today he is spot on so I hope you watch this.








4 thoughts on “WHAT HE SAID —- VIC FEAZELL

  1. I don’t know. I hope that’s true. I was never happier than the six months right before we split up. The wife in me got over it, the best friend in me didn’t. Feel me?

  2. Probably not. I have been horrible to him for many years and he has been horrible to me for many years. Years before Cecelia graduated from High School. Cecelia is very protective, all Vic’s wives have been. I don’t expect her to be friendly with me, I wouldn’t be either. I don’t really think it matters one way or the other, Vic and I went through 15 years of an entirely different life than she and he. He and I are working together on a murder that may have happened before Cecelia was even born.
    Unless you’re being snarky and I’m missing something?

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