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Take these with some booze, see you on tv


Different folks, mainly the ladies,  around town seem to fritz out from time to  time, doing things that one would never do, and I, of all people know, that the “crazies” are usually drug fueled. Drugs, either alone, opiates, or in some cocktail combo at the house with a little alcohol perhaps.

Now, it seems we have at least one common denominator, one doctor in particular who will write you scripts and keep on writing no matter how many times you hit the paper, do crazy sh#t, get yourself in trouble, or whatever, in fact he’s willing to be more than a doctor, frankly, in at least one instance, he’s an “accomplice”.

Are we going to name him here, oh, hell no but he is on the radar of many people who have compared stories and found that good ole doc is writing scripts and just won’t stop.

Harry doesn’t even drive, barely leaves the house, and still knows what’s going on and what continues to go on, and now we have another person close to retirement who needs to bite that bullet and learn to garden.

When your patients start showing up on tv crazy, please check your charts.

Other crazies might not be able to get a ride but know what you’re doing.

Corruption in Waco? Unbelievable and very sloppy.

THEY are so used to getting away with everything and the “invincibility” quotient is so high it’s amazing.










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