Hmmm, after being awake three days, I really want to coke talk a Waco PD undercover narc and have him join my wannabee motorcycle club.

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The application for adopting a cat from FUZZY FRIENDS seems to be more probing than the standards for Seth Sutton’s Mice with Lipstick or some such name Motorcycle Club. Seems a well meaning club member found another friend and enlisted him to join the Club which he did. Unfortunately, this friend was an undercover narc cop from the Waco PD.

Note: This club had what, maybe six members, Sutton’s motorcycle to me looked like something that would be going around neighborhoods selling Dreamsicles and other ice cream novelties, hell, it was WHITE and not very imposing whatsoever. Kind of like motorcycle “light”, near beer or something.

So, a lot of blow is going down. BLOW, Caroleanne, snow, cocaine, one mean mistress, she will take you down in a weekend, and, it seems she did. So Sutton and Tijerina get it in for Tijerina’s ex and decide to “have him killed”, and they have timelines and instructions, plus going to the trouble of making sure that the guy is found dead in his own home.

Dead in his own home, and frankly embarrassed to have been killed by these idiots and a $300 dollar gun. Sorry, I can’t get over the cheapness of this. Killed by a cheap Walmart Taurus, at least cap the guy with a pawn shop Ruger.

Seems everyone was coked up out of their collective minds, and when the money exchanged hands for the gun, WHAM, that made it real.

Ain’t gonna be any heading to LaHacienda and, “I’m sorry” here, ain’t going to be any second chance, you better believe they’ve got coke talk on tapes. If any of you have ever had to endure listening to someone on cocaine, you know that these tapes will last at least six hours with a lot of cocaine bravado.

Much like Gregory Peck of the old movies, Sutton was somewhat a character out of “To Kill a Mockingbird”, at least, to me, the only time I ever saw him was dressed in a seersucker suit with a bow tie in the courthouse. People have always described him as an “actor”  first from his stints in theater.

The Sutton camp, his partners who must be very surprised, is very quiet, probably wondering wtf to do, if anything.

One thing’s for sure, Sutton will be going up against Matt Johnson, who it is safe to say has no use for Seth Sutton or much anyone else who wasn’t born here, had a daddy who was another big frog in small pond with power over your life, and has a bad temper, red face, and a suspected prostate big as Dallas.

Will Matt Johnson lower Sutton’s million dollar bond? Or Tijerina?

Oh, hell no, and since Sutton put the money where his mouth was, Johnson doesn’t have to. Recusal? Wanna make a bet on that one?

If you felt a cold chilly wind last week around the time of Sutton’s arrest, that would be his biker club members and friends running around trying to figure out which one of them had been the accidental Judas goat that brought in an undercover narc.

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Sadly, this will not have a happy ending.

Blow will make you stupid and talk sh*t and hire a hitman who’s a cop.

Let’s see how that Bail Reduction works out.

Urgh, going to be hard to watch the carnage but when you’re stupid or fked up enough to do enough blow to hire a Waco PD cop for a hitman, we may not feel so sorry for you in future weeks.

Urgh. Been through similar. No fun, even when you win, you lose.







  1. Do you know for a fact that this stuff is all on tape? If so how do you know this? I am an attorney myself and have been struggling to understand how on earth two bright lawyers found themselves in the mess of their lifetime. (Set up due to his past representation perhaps?)

    1. Thanks for reading, thanks for the question. Many of us junior lawyers, and lawyers have and are getting together in pockets all over town to figure out wtf with Sutton. I have wracked my brain on how to get past, legally, with the exchange of the money and the gun. THAT bothers me more than tapes because this went on for wayy too long, someone should have pulled the plug about day 4, and come to their senses. If you troll their FACEBOOK pages, individually, it paints a scene also when you put them together and they have actual films of themselves at the Mouse Hut doing shots etc. on a day when some murder for hire event went forward. That they had someone in the Bandido already is the story, to get Seth, money laundering as it is said the Bandidos helped Seth, dunno, BUT, when they hatched this idea, another member of Seth’s club, a Jerry Dyer, it would seem got this Payne guy to do the hit. Brought him in. The rumor is now that there will be more arrests. I don’t know but wouldn’t doubt it. Tapes, yes, the cops are bragging about it, the story is the narc and waco pd brought in the Rangers because……”there was SO MUCH on tape, it was unbelievable”……..gulp. Waco HATES the bikers, the powers that be, the cops, the courthouse except for the DA. He’s fair. He’s not a crook, it ain’t in him. I feel sorry for Seth and his family, however, he lost me with the $300 for the gun. Cheap. It is said he is going to use we were just kidding around trying to see how far this guy would go, but that’s going to be hard because the money changed hands. gulp.

      If you can figure out how to get past that, I truly would appreciate it. I learned to think abstract from VF and he and I are trying to figure out we’d do it. Seth has Jeff Kearney, so that’s the best lawyer around in my book, I know him well, he’s frightening.

      There is no justice in WACO so anything can happen here. If you are the right person you can have a dead girl in your hot tub with heroin needles everywhere and get probation and a nice trip to rehab, a success story.

      Seth’s not the right person but the DA is fair.

      I can’t put the Genie back in the bottle to save my life on this one. You?

      It also really didn’t have to happen ……. but will be fun to watch.

      Oh, the Narc’s facebook page had FOUR friends on it. Sutton, Sutton’s wife, that Jerry Dyer guy and Sandra Lynch who was arrested at TWIN PEAKS and is my friend. FOUR friends on facebook?

      Red flag?

    2. Hey, the Affidavit is on my blog I think, did you see it? The whole thing went down really quickly when Tijerina delivered that $300, tapes for sure, they’re bastards but not stupid totally. They wouldn’tve hopped on it like that.

  2. Thanks for the response. I don’t know why I am so obsessed with this story. I guess for the same reasons I watch dateline and the like. We work so hard to become lawyers and it is such a place of privilege that when I see lawyers become so evil it just blows me away. (Like the two in NY who were just indicted for throwing a Molotov cocktail). I take my bar license very seriously and and strive never to come close to crossing any lines.
    I figured there had to BE tapes as there always is in this kind of case- but- you just never know, right.
    I feel sorry for his wife and kids. And his former partners Must make for some challenging dinner converstion. .

  3. It’s so mindboggling I get mad at Sutton. He will be up in front of Matt Johnson, who has a prostate the size of an egg, I always write that after his name. He is so incredibly horrible you just cannot believe it. I’ve watched crazy judges with power, Lucius Bunton, ohmygawd, Federal Judge used to shoot people from the bench with a water gun, but Johnson isn’t even funny, or officially crazy. Just mean as hell, won’t recuse himself, won’t move the trial, and it will be a shit show. NO JUSTICE here, don’t you know that? Being up in front of Matt Johnson is right on up there with the decision to send Chelsey Tijerina with the cash. Seth was THE guy to go to here before this. Being tried in WACO, ohmygawd. Practicing law again? I hate this. He’s 45 though, middle age crazy time, and how. He’s doing everything right now I guess, ohmygawd that bond, but…I’dve truly just stayed in. (but I’m a Feazell)

  4. That is the other wrinkle for me. Why this guy? I understand that he was arrested for indecency but why not let the justice system take care of that?. Was he having an affair with his co-d? (Nothing else makes sense). And why would he even be doing that? Gorgeous wife (ya I have looked at all the facebook stuff). Not married that long. Loads of talent. Does she have an attorney? How on earth did they come up with that bond? Bonding co must be taking payments cuz who has a hundred grand to just drop for a Million $ bond?? I will be very surprised if there is not a change of venue.. I know this judge will oppose but if everyone on the perspective jury panel has heard of the case and has an opinion I don’t see how it can be tried up there.
    Ya wtf? I saw your video of all the shots on 5/14- same day as the alleged plot beginning.
    The ONLY defense is “We were just kidding”. But …I don’t see that flying if it is all on tape.
    They are so fucked.
    What is “Feazell”?

  5. I think because he is a professional actor, he got “into” a part. Don’t laugh yet. He and one other lawyer here wear seersucker suits. When I saw him and met him at the Courthouse, “Atticus Finch” just popped into my mind with no former knowledge of anything about him, much less the acting. (To Kill a Mockingbird) I think it’s ego, another woman, the desire to rescue and be a hero, bad companions, good looks, and COCAINE. Or just cocaine. It’s an “invincibility” crime, alcohol or coke takes you there, well, along with the other woman thing. The bail, well, that’s Johnny Ash and Joe Ash Bail Bonds, they will own everything, believe me. Horrible people. “Feazell” is Vic Feazell, attorney, Waco and Austin. He was arrested by the FBI and wasn’t coming out, nope. They had to give him a PR bond. He was DA here, he’s my ex husband, and he was in “The Confession Killer”, on NETFLIX. We go to jail we don’t come out, we know that “probation” etc. is a joke and they’re betting on you to fail.

    There is a huge cocaine presence in Waco, I don’t know where you live, also meth and heroin, but COCAINE, is everywhere, and you know is one nasty drug along with alcohol and shots.

    IF he gets a change of venue, which the bikers didn’t with more lawyers than a convention, then don’t be too sure. No one stops them here. No one.

    No one goes against them here. They do what they want and die on the bench, god help us all.

  6. I am in Austin. Huge meth problem with our CPS clients, but I have not seen a cocaine problem in years. Probably because our clients can’t afford it. Who is your ex? Vic Feazell? Are you an attorney also? (You seem to have said that but I was not sure if you were joking).
    I can understand the desire to rescue, but shit, hiring a friggen hit man? don’t these two know that always backfires??? Don’t they watch Dateline?
    That is why I wondered it it was a set up because he won the biker trial and the cops must hate him for that. Damn. Real life is crazier than fiction and this case has it all.
    Ya I saw the cop’s fb page. Surprised it is still up.

  7. Google him, you just haven’t “hit” on the name. We have a saying, “You can’t make this shit up”, Just think they’re already wearing ankle monitors, ohmygawd. I am not an attorney, but a grand clerk with insatiable curiosity.

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