I was feeling sentimental about the 911 tapes some of you have never heard these. Enjoy.

PUBLIC INFORMATION:  Here is the 911 tape      


Harry believes his readers are smart.    You know the story of Sherre Johnston who was having sex with the former U.S. Marshall and DA’s investigator Mike McNamara.  You know she called his brother the Sheriff first,  then Mike McNamara,  we don’t know living or dead, was moved from a motel on Franklin to the Longhorn Steakhouse also on Franklin,  just down the way.

Is Mike Mc alive while Sherre is making this call?  What do you think?

You know the story,  could Sheriff have moved a living brother to the Steakhouse,  would he take the chance that his brother was in terrible shape and could die?  OR was Mike McNamara already dead and Sheriff told our “maiden in distress” WHAT to say.

Here is the official Waco Trib version:



Mike McNamara


Image result for sherre johnston

Sherre Johnston,  a beautiful woman no man can control and no woman leaves her husband alone with.

Sheriff Parnell McNamara


Image result for sheriff parnell mcnamara

Here is another version of the death from the tv station that has him in Bellmead


Then they can’t keep Sherre Johnston from visiting brother Mike Mc’s grave,  leaving letters,  lying ON THE GRAVE,  and this finally ends with a 3 am Search Warrant on the Johnston home finding THIS MAN’S property.  Now,  why would this woman never be charged?  This burglary was in May?  No indictments.

They think Harry Storm’s readers are stupid,  Harry doesn’t think so.

We have even more coming.

Harry hates being called a liar.


7 thoughts on “THE 911 TAPES

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  2. They care about how they look to one another at the Woodway Baptist Church, it’s all smoke and mirrors with Jeezus on your side. Poor John Johnston fired Kevin Fisk for saying your sister’s death and that of her children was MURDER. Yep, this guy. Swanton and the PD, who pushed for it to be an “accident” also helped end Kevin Fisk for calling the fire a MURDER, which we know it was, and THEY know it was now. We are all connected, this is the guy who helped make your sister’s daughter an “accidental fire” and when confronted got rid of the guy who was right the same time. You feel me now, girlfriend????

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