#1: The World shall go to HELL when John Deere                      Tractor moves to China.


Like our parents when idiot Nixon moved us off the Gold Standard, like when Carter gave away our Canal, our parents thought this was, for sure, the end of life as we knew it. As surely as Haley’s comet caused those Empaths to instinctively just know things, Frank knew when John Deere, our green and beautiful symbol of America itself went to China, life was doomed.


#2. Who are you going to get to take care of “Willie”, “Boxer”, or whatever your pet’s name is. No, not the little white show dog, your half dead, arthritic, diabetic dog or cat that you know is “not ready”.  Frank and I judge people on whether or not we would let them, not the hired help, not the doggie hotel, no THEMMmmmmm, to take care of said dog, cat, ferret, your pet.

You know have a committee to chose from, who is going to decide whether or not you, the American people, those who waitress, tend bar, mow lawns, work at M and M, work at SANDERSON FARMS can go back to work.

Which of these two people, appointed by the President, would you allow to take care of your pet? We make kids in public school walk around with an egg or sometimes a bag of sugar, signifying the responsibilities and ugly things that can happen when our charge is neglected.

Which one of these two would take care of my Frank? Hmmm. Recon either one ever picked up dog pooh, or cleaned a big ole cat hack hairball out of a shoe?


Frank’s just flat depressed.




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