Even people who aren’t from Texas know a good old screw up when they see it. Here are comments from people who just HEARD about the case and many are not even from here. Then people wonder why Waco gets a bad reputation. It’s because our public officials are suck ups who only want contributions and retirement, a few vacations and living off the public breast forever. Walter Smith, remember that pervert, still gets over 200K a year in retirement.

Our justice system is a joke, here in Waco it’s a joke, all over Texas, nationally, and internationally. WHY because we have cowards for elected officials. Cowards and pretty boys.



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Jeanelle Clum

2 days ago
No murder should be left unsolved, especially when there is DNA that can now be ran to help solve it! Give the family some closure!
Jannette Ryno

7 days ago
It’s time for justice
Dawn Flippin

1 week ago
Family needs closure and justice.
pat dusek

3 weeks ago
This should always been the rule and now it need to be done ASAP
Anita Kanitz

Jan 20, 2020
“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about… Read more
CeliaI Compian

Jan 18, 2020
She was my sister.
Gina Becerra

Jan 16, 2020
I’m writing to tell about my mom. She.was the best mom I would want..and now after 40 years and now I would like an justice she miss ever day.
Delores Stewart

Jan 15, 2020
They need to follow every lead they have. This family needs closure.
Mario Rostro

Jan 15, 2020
Am signing this , because Justice is the Right thing to do for someone . Sometime there People out their , Protecting someone that did Wrong to someone else .

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