Still waiting for brave Parnell to shut me down….hmmm….guess he can’t answer two questions honestly because he is a crook.

I'm Mad Too, Harry.

                   I say you’re a liar

I say you took the guns that didn’t belong to you, and the gun safe. I say those guns are NOT registered to you and everyone knows it.  I say they weren’t bought at “auction” and given to you as gifts, I say you did something really shady and now you’re caught.

You own KWTX so go on KWTX and show THEM or better yet, THE RANGERS, those guns, let a third party run them, all of them.

IF they come back to you I will apologize and shut down this blog.

YOU are a coward, a philanderer, a bully and a truly lousy Sheriff, you have no clue what to do or how to act when even an old woman challenges you, YOU are a public official and owe the public answers even though you…

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