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“Mr. Lucky”, as he  was known after the Supreme Court dropped “Mail Fraud” the very day his RICO case went to the jury, has been proven right on the famous Ranger case of ORANGE SOCKS from Georgetown, Texas.  For those of us unlucky enough to remember good ole boy, ex Ranger, Sheriff Jim Boutwell, touting toothless Lucas, weighing in at 150 pounds, the scourge of the South. Aaaah, memories.

Anyway, today, years later they’ve managed to identify ORANGE SOCKS. This along with Feazell’s new endeavor, his Lucas podcast, which has less hits than my cat, Frank’s debut on a Chinese Cat site, is currently airing.

He can’t talk about the Lake Murder so he’s going to talk about Lucas.

So, in the interest of “gut it up” tell it like it is, here’s the story.



BREAKING: Williamson authorities ID victim in 40-year-old ‘Orange Socks’ case

Authorities have identified a woman found dead along Interstate 35 in Georgetown 40 years ago, according to law enforcement officials in Williamson County.

The investigation became known as the “Orange Socks” case because the victim was found nude, wearing only orange socks.

In the four decades since her death, no one had come to claim her body or stepped forward with information about who she was.

It is not immediately clear how authorities came to identify her.

More information is expected to be released Wednesday.


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