There are just no words to describe this picture

Dear Stupid Cowboys and other Law Enforcement Good ole Boys,

Enough. If you got hooked up to an embarrassment meter today and these photos didn’t register a “10” you should be fired.  At the very least start taking your stupid hats off indoors, it’s just rude, insane, and we all know you’re bald.  Enough.  TWO IGNORANT mfkrs let one another do this.

No, I don’t drive.  Otherwise I couldn’t say the obvious.  “They” would stop me and ticket me or who knows what because that’s who they are and it’s not getting better, this is embarrassing as hell for me to be a 71 year old HUMAN BEING, much less Texan, and sure enough female, I don’t get this at all.

Texas cops apologize after controversial arre...


Overkill. When the good ole boys get together, they just don’t see it and go crazy.  See, there’s ole Bob Zane, FBI, Vic Feazell, Head of the Austin FBI, and good ole boy Ron Boyter of the DPS.  Along with the airplane DPS had flying overhead, this was seen as an excessive show of force in l986.

The picture looked bad, needs no words, and you can tell they all got together, yucked it up and went on with it only to all be surprisingly humiliated later.  Much like ABEL REYNA on election day.

“Invincibility” that’s what they all have and they will eliminate you the minute you stop kissing their a**.

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Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

Really?  Do friends and colleagues let one another just do crazy stuff without any accountability?

Cody Blossman? Were you ready to help move the Sheriff’s brother?

Sherre Johnston? Your accountability partner gave up and left you to Truman and the others.

Mrs. Judge Ralph Strother?  God help you. Mrs. Awful Judge Matt Johnson? Have you all given up? Do you want us to believe you don’t know their “business?” We don’t.

In the coming days, Harry Storm is going to feature the Top Ten Boot Kissers in McLennan County.

Don’t give up the fight. Get your head out of the wine bottle. So what if he goes outside and has to sneak a cigarette to stay away from you. Kids, threaten him with the Nursing Home in Granger.

Other Republicans/Democrats, whatever you are, call one another out already.

Any and all suggestions for Boot Kisser Top 10 will be considered.

Get ready. It ain’t getting any better, so let’s just get brutal.







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