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Let me see if I have this right,   the people on the Appraisal Board were appointed by that perfect symbol of truth and justice,  one Ralph Strother.  Yes,  the same Judge Ralph Strother who frugally only charged the Baylor Frat Boy Rapist a $400 fine for choking, or “unlawfully restraining” a Baylor girl.  Superintendent Marcus Nelson got a $500 fine for smoking weed.

Judge Ralph Strother, THIS Ralph Strother appoints your Appraisal Board.

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109,712 SUPPORTERS have signed a petition so far demanding Judge Strother’s resignation.



MCAD Property Tax Accountability’s FACEBOOK page shows that the citizens of Waco have turned into very good investigators who are no longer trusting of their officials. Hmmm.  The following quotes are from some of the members of MCAD, if you have not joined, please look them up on Facebook and join with them to protest.

“Funny thing, I just looked up Joe Don Bobbitt (MCAD Assistant Chief Appraiser) and found his property is only valued at $80.27 per square foot. In the last 9 years his property has only risen $44,649? That is a 23% increase in 9 years. Mine has risen 61% in the last 3 years. I would love to see how the MCAD employees (and their family) and county commissioners property tax values compare to everyone else. Anyone else done any similar research and found the same thing?”

“Look how crooked they are…. Randy Riggs, Board Member. Look at the deals he cuts for himself: 2017 $174,000 / 2018 $205,000 / 2019 $227,000. *$53,000* increase in three years on his own property! Corruption! Someone call the Texas Rangers!”

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Time for elected officials and public servants to shape it up.  Time for Transparency and some Honesty again.  We see you.


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