Let’s wipe the smile off his face.

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Wanna have some real fun?  Ask this guy how much Twin Peaks cost, or Themis, or anything at the County.  Watch him turn the brightest red as he runs away.  OR call 254 757-5000 and let them know you are not happy.

This is your County Judge, he’s pretty lost right now.  See, he told different groups how bad the bikers were back before TWIN PEAKS and after too.  He loved his Abel and loved spinning yarns about the nasty bikers, crimes against the womenfolk and how Abel was going to save us all with the help of the County.

Didn’t work very well but no one signed up against this old man so we’re stuck.  Let’s give him and phone and Facebook jolt.

If you see this man,  ask him what he’s done with your money.

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County Judge Scott Felton, let’s shape him up, we’re stuck for four years so let’s make some demands.


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