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County Commissioners?  Sheriff? Some combination of the two?  Your jail, your contract with “LaSalle Management”, plans?  The Public deserves an explanation or two.

Waco detention center fails state inspection for 3rd time in less than a year

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The Jack Harwell Detention Center in Waco failed another state inspection.

WACO, Texas — The Jack Harwell Detention Center in Waco failed another state inspection. The results mark the detention center’s third failed state inspection in less than a year.

While the detention center is owned by McLennan County, LaSalle Corrections runs it privately.

It houses 335 inmates the McLennan County Jail doesn’t have room for.

2 thoughts on “WHO’S IN CHARGE OF THE JAIL?

  1. My My son was unfortunately housed there … back and forth for a year, from his arresting county. There is no chaplain the so called rounds they say they make is a lie. Each “corrections officer” bullshit the weigh 400 plus snd can barely walk. . This place is sn embarrassment to mankind.

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    • EVERYONE knows how horrible it is, it’s a disgrace. I have seen the deputies and jailers, omg, red faced, overweight, terrible. It’s amazing and no one is in charge. Urgh.

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