When in this job do I get to play with the adults???

Brittany Lannen 3-15-19

When you get the kids grown, run for public office, win and show them how it’s done.                                         Image result for wednesday addams

You remember, Brittany wouldn’t go along with Abel Reyna and Guy Cox on that “Special Deal” for Ken Starr’s Baylor Secretary and her husband on those DWI’s?  Oh, yeah.  Wouldn’t be bullied.  Fortitude.

Lannen - Cox


Attorney Brittany Lannen

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Open plea set for Monday. DA’s office states they have discovery to be picked up. I explain that I’m home with a sick kiddo and I, too, am now feeling sick and ask if they can send me the discovery through any number of methods (email/fax/mail/etc).

“Our policy is that you must pick it up in person and sign for it.”

I ask what exactly the discovery is so I can determine if it is worth the multiple potty stops for myself and my child between here and said DA’s office. Estimated travel time being an hour or so one way at this point.

“It is a single page of texts between your client and the complainant.”

And you honestly cannot send it to me in some form other than an in-person pickup considering the circumstances?

“I’m just doing my job.”

Yep. Just barely.

At this point the DA slides in a statement about the “statewide opinion” of me not being a good one.


I call you out on being wasteful, unreasonable and frankly, rude, and your response as an elected official is to make a generalized statement about some unknown group of people not liking me?!

When in this job do I get to play with the adults???



The answer Brittany is when you jump out there in the future and lead, you’d look oh, so good in a black robe.  Just sayin’.



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